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March 08, 2010

Now imagine you are a burglar. Not an ordinary lurcher, but one addicted to sexy gay police staff. What would be the best option to run into a handsome black gay cop? Break into his house, of course, and get busted!

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A Sneak Overpower And Fuck A Cop In Gay Police Porn Movie

March 01, 2010

Bad luck for the burglar. Or is it really? He was scanning the drawers for stuff to steal when a restless gay policeman has appeared and busted his ass. The criminal didn't want to give up and threw the horny gay cop on the bed. As the men were struggling, something clicked and naughty thoughts started arriving.

They felt it was mutual, so the burglar undid his jeans and smashed his cock into the gay cop's mouth. After returning the cocksucking favor the horny burglar buried his tool deep in the law enforcement buns. Yes, right into gay police sergeant's asshole. Soon both cocks exploded, and another gay police sex movie was born. Somebody will enjoy the incredibly kinky gay porn action today, and this might just be you!

Imagine You Were Just Arrested By A Horny Gay Cop!

February 22, 2010

This horny gay bear also happens to be a police officer. He loves to be clad in kinky leather and bust criminals. Next time you pull your cock out to pee on the street, watch out! He might just be waiting to grab your butt and drag you to a bushy corner nearby.

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February 14, 2010

A man's life is filled with phallic objects, especially if you happen to be a gay cop. And these just can't but bring a male well over the edge! See how one stick follows another in this scene as the horny gay cop puffs on a cigar, touches his hard club, and whips out his stiff cock.

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So Which Is The Kinkiest Gay Cop Sex Site On The Net?

February 08, 2010

Brawny, hairy, hunky gay cops. They get bored as hell and become badly sex-hungry at their police station. Horny gay cops would fuck your ass if they get a chance, otherwise they will fuck each other, whilst still keeping their eyes on YOU!

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Horny Gay Cops Assrape The Whole Crime Ken In This Gay Police Porn Movie!

January 23, 2010

When true gay policemen bust a dolly-shop, first they arrest all of the criminals. Then during interrogation they don't hesitate to fuck the hell out of those law-abusing pricks. None can witstand a horny gay cop in police uniform stroking his dick and blowing his wad into criminal face!

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January 21, 2010

This is how routine checkups can end with so many hot men around. This gay fireman got trapped in a police station seduced by a horny gay police officer who urged him to suck his firm thick tool right in the corridor.

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