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Criminal Gets Gay Prison Sex For Ten Years Should He Fail To Please Horny Police Officers

April 28, 2010

The man of the law had to put this big guy in prison, and both of them clearly knew what the procedure was for them both. Especially the bad dude was no newbie to prison and gay prison sex. However this hardened criminal got lucky to run into a gay cop, and at some point they looked at each other and realized how irrelevant all that stuff really was.

What was important were their lust for each other, their desires and unusual fantasies. Fuck off to boring routine, hello to raw gay prison sex! See the two bears clash against each other as they suck dick, eat ass, and ride stiff beef. The would-be convict got sperm from the gay police officer, not the sentence! Enjoy watching the rare case where gay criminal is lucky to be stopped by horny gay cop.

Watch Kinky Gay Police Officer Give Two Criminals A Nasty Contest

April 20, 2010

This brawny state police officer just busted two middle-aged men dealing crack. One problem though, he was horny as hell and wanted his pecker sucked.

So he gave them a contest: whoever of them gives head better, becomes free, while unlucky sucker goes to prison for at least seven years. Watch nasty state police officer facefuck two criminals and try to guess who wins and who goes to jail.

Ever Had Gay Prison Sex In The Jail Cell?

April 13, 2010

When the cop brought in a buddy for this one criminal, he didn't think that it was going to be a cock hungry man slut who wanted to drool all over his pecker! He didn't just want to suck his dick though, and after he licked his prick stiff, he bent over to feel every inch of meat slide in his ass. Both guys shoot their loads after the gay prison sex took the place right there in the jail cell.

But in the end, could it possibly have been a dream? I had a chance to witness gay prison sex when suspects fucked each other they were caught screaming as they fucked! No kidding!

Imagine How Anal Sex With Gay Cop Feels Like!

April 06, 2010

This horny gay cop loves to grab, explore, finger and fuck tight criminal asses. They turn him on so much he would be starring in any kind of gay police porn movie given a chance.

So imagine you were busted by this cop and already been scared thinking about possible incarceration. Gay prison sex experience would be inevitable. Don't pick up the soap dude!

So instead you'd gladly let this handsome gay police man fuck your ass hardcore. He would stroke your cock and plow your tight tunnel so hard you'll be screaming. Awed by your screams, he would quickly blow his wad on your face and let you go.

Horny Gay Cop Who Has Two Cocks!

March 31, 2010

This kinky gay cop just doesn't waste any time when he comes across this naughty gay dude on his bike. That's because he knows that he's always good for a gay police fucking, as he pulls out his dick and starts sucking on it while he sucks on his night stick. This is why this gay police officer has two cocks. Wonder if he fucks other gay cops with it, or only uses it on himself and caught suspects?

Gay police man gets his own blowjob to loosen him up, and then is bent over to take all of his dick inside of him. He gets showered in both his jizz as well as his own! Those horny gay cops get really naughty when they think they are the epitomy of Law themselves and get starred in totally kinky gay cop sex movies. Enjoy!

Gay Police Porn Experience Continues Even After Prison

March 23, 2010

Those pesky ex-convicts need to be looked after all the time. If you were a victim of gay prison sex when you did your time in prison, you'd be regularly checked by gay police officer.

You'd have to be good at both giving and receiving blowjobs, and your ass would be given rectal exams from time to time. Such is the fate of all ex-convicts when they end up in clutches of gay police.

Gay Police Porn: Two Criminals Got Busted Fucking, But Guess What?

March 14, 2010

What's the best way to relax after a criminal job done right if you used to have a gay prison sex before and are now free? That's right, a bit of good cocksucking never hurt a gang of gay criminals. See the muscled hunk hammer his long veiny shaft into the mouth of his hairy partner who works hard on the throbbing meat all along its impressive length.

The fun goes on until a police officer shows up. Are they busted? Does not look like it! This horny gay cop is willing to accept a bribe of some cocksmoking, too. And even return it! Busted gay cop pics and a video is for you to enjoy. I am in envy because I had already seen this gay police porn movie, and you have so much fun ahead of you.